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818 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36606


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I wish I could be at The Blues Tavern to hear every band that plays there, but I gotta rove. However, when I do get to slide through and catch a great band there I'll pass it on to all riders reading this page so check back often. 




Alvin Jett and the Phat noiZ Band

I happened to be rovin' on a Thursday night and slid into the Blues Tavern when Alvin Jett and the Phat noiZ Band we playing. 

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 These guys put on a show that brought the house down. They obviously enjoy what they do and that makes them more fun to watch. The entire crowd was on its feet with standing ovations all through the performance. If you ever get a chance to see them live...DO IT!!!! I know I'll be watching the schedule for them to return to The Blues Tavern. After the show I spoke with them and they were the nicest bunch of guys you could ever meet. Not a snooty one in the bunch. Do yourself a favor and catch their next show!    

I wish I had my camera in hand when they were playing. I won't make that mistake again.

J. Gregory Band

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I happened to be rovin' on a Friday night and slid into The Blues Tavern when J. Gregory Band was playing.


I have to say these guys are great. If you like Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Robin Trower then you are going to enjoy this band. They are another of the "Top Notch" talents you will find at The Tavern. DON'T miss their next performance!

R. C. & the Moonpies

I wasn't rovin' on a Friday night to The Blues Tavern, it was the intended "MIDPOINT" to see R. C. & The Moonpies.

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I'd seen them before at the Tavern so I knew it would be worth seeing them again....I was right. They put on a great show playing blues rock. Their show was cut shorter than usual (that's why there are only a couple of pic's of them...I thought there was more time). During their intermission the following band below came in and played the rest of the night.


What can I say? These guys (& lady) are a southern rock legend. Does any of this sound familiar...Keep on Smilin', Grits Ain't Groceries, Red Hot Chicken, Country Side of Life, Have a Good Time, Airport, Dixie Rock, Leona? I think you get the message! 

I love to see them, but I wish it could have been under more pleasant circumstances. The reason they were all in town is the Hall family (lead singers Donna Hall & Jimmy Hall and the bass player Jack Hall) laid their father to rest earlier in the day. I mentioned to their brother Travis Hall (who I worked with for years at Wigman's Hardware) that everyone appreciated that they would take the time to play for us after the day they experienced. Travis said, "It's our therapy."  Well, it was therapy for us as spectators too. Our sympathies to the Hall clan in their time of loss and to coin their phrase...Keep on smilin'  and please come back at your earliest convenience.

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What a St. Patrick's Day 2007 treat! 

I felt bad that I had to miss going to the Bama Bikefest SPRING Rally in Forkland, Alabama, unlike many of The Blues Tavern family who did get to go. In retrospect I would have been VERY DISAPPOINTED to return from the rally to find out that I'd missed the opportunity to take the pic's above and enjoy WET WILLIE in concert! That just goes to show you, sometimes when you think you're missing out on something big, you may just turn the corner and SURPRISE, thank get a present better than the one you thought you missed out on! The old "Silver lining to every dark cloud" cliché. 

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