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The Blues Tavern

2818 Government Blvd, Mobile, AL.

PHONE:  251-479-7621

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This place is truly a "HIDDEN TREASURE." For several weeks after I bought my current bike I would cruise down Government Blvd. (Hwy. 90) from my home toward the tunnel to get to the Causeway for a good view of the sunset over the Battleship USS Alabama. After a day with my nose to the grindstone a little Zen is required. 

I noticed the bikes parked in front of a U-Store-It place (below)

  So I decided to pull through and see what I could see. I heard music coming from the open door on the rear of a little building with no signs. I figured it must be privately owned and just a place where friends (a lot of them for sure) hung out. I went around the block to see the front of the building, but there wasn't anything except a couple of banners from bands hanging (below). 


I decided to park my bike with the other ones around back and walk inside to see what was happening. When I entered the rear door there were people cooking turkeys in large crock pots. Paper plates and utensils we laid out as well. I past the food as the people cooking looked up at me smiling saying hello as I walked by. I continued toward the open door where I heard what sounded like live music. A few more steps and I found myself standing at the end of a bar near a stage with sure enough....a band. 

There were bikers everywhere mixed with non-biker attired people and everyone was obviously having a good time. I ordered a beer and found a place to sit to observe the crowd and absorb the atmosphere. Having been a bartender and bouncer in many of the local clubs over the years I wanted watch the general attitude of the crowd to see if this was one of the places you shouldn't hang out. After a while I was very impressed by the fact that everyone there was there to have fun and NOT BE VIOLENT IN DOING IT. I have been going there fairly regularly for several months now and I have NEVER seen any trouble. 

On most nights there's free food ranging from crawfish to roast. On Sundays and Wednesdays there is always food, live music and never a cover charge. This has to be the coolest biker bar I have experienced in Mobile. The musical talent you will fine here is beyond compare.

It doesn't matter if you have a bike or not you must check out The Blues Tavern. Live music in a relaxed atmosphere will wash away the stress of a hard work day better than anything except a long ride on a warm day. Thanks to the Blues Tavern you can have both! Get your butt there and see for yourself.

And that's the personal opinion of The Rovin' Rider!


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