Po-Boy's Cruse-In @ Tillman's Corner KFC


You never know what you will see at one of our Cruise-In's


Po-Boy's Cruise-In @ Tillman's Corner KFC Photo Galleries

To see any of the vehicles that have ever CRUISED-IN so far...click on a date below

October 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Ron Kelso

November 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Al Holloway

December 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Wayne Tingen

January 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Paul & Patsy Young

February 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Billy Whidbee

March 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Rodger Pugh

April 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

James McGuff

May 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Dave Nichols

June 2013

Car Of The Month Winner:

Edward Grimes, Jr.

July 2013 Benefit Concert

Gene Tanner

August 2013

Linda Petty

September 2013

Tom & Anne Ballard

October 2013

This Car Show was called off because of the threat of rain.

November 2013

Coy & Jeanette Turner

December 2013

Kevin N. May

January 2014

Philip Calhoun

February 2014

Louis Croston

March 2014

John Kelly

April 2014

Johnny Boggs

If you want to check out some really cool cars up close and in person, cruise-in to KFC and hang out with us! If you have a cool car "cherry" or not, bring it so the rest of us can check it out. If it isn't cherry yet, bring it to Tillman's Corner KFC on the first Saturday of each month so we can all watch your progress in our photo galleries.

If you don't have an antique or classic car it doesn't matter, just come and enjoy the ones that will be on display for us...and it is FREE! 




































Po-Boy's Cruise-In @ KFC events are for all of us who love great food, fellowship, Antique Cars,  Classic Cars,  Custom Cars,  Hot Rods,  Street Rods and Rat Rods, Po-Boy, Po-Boy's, poboy, cruisin', classic, cars, antique, hot, rod, street, cruise-in, kfc, show, bad to the bone, cruise-in, badtothebone, bad-to-the-bone, AL, mall, shop, shopping, store, business, www.badtothebone.com

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