Just to make sure it wasn't my jealous boyfriend brain over reacting I posed this scenario to every friend I talked to since Tuesday night when you told me about Matt. When I asked them I held my phone in my hand and acted like I was reading it off Facebook. I told them I was curious as to their reaction to it:


A girl lives at home with her parents, has her home forcibly entered and she gets assaulted by an ex-boyfriend leaving her bruised up with a cut lip.

She did none of the following things when he left her house:

1:Call the police, file a complaint and have him arrested for assault.

2: Tell her parents and put them to task to deal with it.

3: Call the current "boyfriend" and tell him how to find the ex so he could deal with it as an actual "boyfriend" is ENTITLED?

THE QUESTION IS: Why would she NOT do ALL of those 3 things immediately? 


As of 5pm Friday afternoon I have asked 27 people that question. What do you think ALL of them said?























If you asked