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Santa’s on Bikes Annual Christmas Charity Run 2009

Every year there are families hoping some assistance will come to help them provide a blessed Christmas for their children (all of us need help occasionally). This year one family received help from a group of friendly bikers who now call themselves Santa’s On Bikes (S.O.B.’s). 

Santa’s On Bikes accepts donations of unwrapped gifts as well as cash to be used for stockings, gifts and food for the family’s Christmas dinner. Do the right thing...donate and ride with us next year.

“We asked around to find a family (below) having a hard time making ends meet and struggling to provide Christmas for their kids,” said Cheri Webber, organizer of the event. The family chosen this year has five children ages 13, 11, 9, 8 and 3. Hard times fall on good people all the time, especially in a rough economy, so lets lend a hand whenever we can, next year it may be your family.

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Webber, along with co-organizer Tim Bates (both shown below), approached the chosen family’s parents and they agreed to let the biker group play Santa.

          “We asked the parents to make a wish list of things they would buy for their kids if they could,” said Webber, “We took the money we collected and filled their list." Three days before Christmas we assembled at Hooters of Gulf Shores, loaded up the gifts and rode out.”

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          Still in their infancy the S.O.B.’s (above) could only help out one family this year. They hope the number of bikers participating in the Christmas ride (and people offering donations) will increase next year so more families can be helped. Last year they had 12 or 13 bikes, this year they had about 35 bikes. Next year YOU should ride or drive with them (and/or donate) so more families can be helped. We want to see your face in these pictures next year, but you have to participate for that to happen!

Don't claim, "It's too far for me to ride!" because as you can see below, your short little ride IS NOTHING compared to some who helped out this year!

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The S.O.B.’s have an auction before each ride to see who gets to be the prestigious and coveted “Rudolph, leader of the pack." Will YOU lead the pack next year?

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This year Charles Burts (above) of S&S Motorcycle Shop on Hwy 98 located next door to Preston's Irish Pub, was leader of the pack this year. Note the red headlight (nose).

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Santa’s “sleigh” (above) was a bike with a sidecar filled with presents.

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   I love the retro look!

 Preston's proprietors Jeff & Kay 

After the gifts were delivered, the S.O.B.’s had their annual Christmas party at Preston’s Irish Pub (above). You must stop in and check them out, they have pool tables AND foosball! They start their bike "night" events on the first Saturday of every month in January 2010, 1pm 'till 4pm.

We would also like to thank Frank Smith (below) of Smith Plumbing for riding (driving) with us and letting us use his cool custom car as a backdrop for some of our pictures. It looks like he has already been thanked though, doesn't it?

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ON A BIKE TO PARTICIPATE! You just have to have a place in your heart for others who may have temporarily fallen on hard times.

As you can see we had a great day with beautiful weather and awesome people! If you weren't should have been!

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