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Here are some biker pic's from Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama 2007

Joe Cain Day...



The pictures below are of the Shriner's Charity Ride from Their "Temple" on Hitt Road to Jackson St. (Biker Row) for the Joe Cain Day festivities. As you can see there were hundreds of bikes. The lead bike was at Azalea Road before the last bike left the parking lot...MILES OF BIKES! 

Our thanks to AA (one of our police escorts) for the pic's below.




The pic's below were taken by Danny Lowry (a local biker and a representative of Full Throttle Magazine) at the Shriners Temple, the starting point of the Joe Cain Day Shriners Ride and the location of the yearly Bikers Ball.  




and Fat Tuesday - Mobile, Alabama on Mardi Gras Day 2007...