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You know what they say, "There's nothing like the smell of burning rubber on a Sunday afternoon!"

This was my first visit to the drag strip, but I GUARANTEE it won't be my last! I took my 12 year old son with me and he was wide eyed and hyperventilating because of the adrenalin you experience with all the noise, horsepower and burning rubber in the air. It makes me want to build something with him and let HIM take a few passes down the strip. 

Mobile Dragway is a family environment that is great for kids of ANY age. They have a great concession area, stands to relax on, plenty of parking and lots of excitement. 

It's awesome to watch people bring cars, bikes, and whatever else they can build with an engine on it...and see how fast it will get them to the end of the strip. Or build something and put your kid in it and let him go down the track like Ritchie and Landon Bailey (see above pic's). You couldn't get a better father son activity than family drag racing!

Mobile Dragway will begin its motorcycle class on Sunday's in April. The pic's above are a Friday night "Run what you brung" night so don't wait for Sunday to go to the track, come out and practice BEFORE you race on Sunday. Get out there and burn some rubber, because your burnout might just show up on this page! For me there isn't anything cooler than a fast bike cooking the rear tire and filling the air with that beautifully aromatic blue-white smoke!

Check back later for more drag racing pic's. We'll post 'em as we get 'em.

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